Toni Blake Projects, LLC is a collection of Toni's business ventures.  Toni is a travel enthusiast and business coach and has created a lifestyle to accommodate all of her passions:  helping people start or maintain their personal and professional lives and guiding people on how to travel on a budget.
Toni is a former North Carolina High School Business Educator and International English teacher who holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration.  Her prior work experiences have taught her how to help others get organized, start or maintain a business and how to live fearlessly while fulfilling their heart's desires through traveling.
The truth is, I want to do it all.  I want to try everything, live everywhere and do whatever my heart desires.  For years, I allowed others to dictate what was "best for me."  In 2017, I quit my job, got a divorce and moved to China.  This new-found happiness is what I yearned for and I unapologetically understand now that I deserve. 
My passion is helping others do the same:  whether it's' branding or maintaining your company, launching a business or traveling anywhere on a budget.  I want to help you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.